Effect of dietary sodium bicarbonate on growth, liver copper concentration and incidence of gastric ulceration in pigs fed excess dietary copper.

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An experiment was conducted with growing-finishing pigs to evaluate the interactive effects of dietary sodium bicarbonate (1%) and excess dietary Cu (250 mg/kg diet) on growth, liver Cu accumulation and incidence of gastric ulceration. A 2 x 2 factorial arrangement of treatments was used and each treatment was replicated four (Trial 1) or three (Trial 2) times with four pigs per replicate. Initial weight of the pigs was 57 (Trial 1) and 32 kg (Trial 2). Growth rate and efficiency of feed utilization were not affected (P > .10) by treatment. Sodium bicarbonate increased (P < .06) the incidence of gastric ulceration and decreased (P < .01) dressing percentage. Dietary Cu (P < .01) increased liver Cu concentration but did not affect (P > .10) the incidence of gastric ulceration.

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International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research

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