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Three experiments were conducted to investigate the feasibility of using crystalline methionine and lysine as protein supplements for lactating Holstein cows. In the first experiment, Met (DL-methionine) and Lys (L-lysine-HCl) were added to diets used in continuous culture bioreactors to estimate optimal concentrations for use in subsequent in vivo experiments. The second experiment measured ruminal fermentation and nutrient flow to the small intestine when Met and Lys were top-dressed on diets fed to nonlactating cows. The third experiment measured lactation performance when Met and Lys were added to diets fed to late-lactation cows. Providing 0.29 and 2.27% of dry matter as Met and Lys, respectively, provided the largest improvement in fermentation in vitro and these concentrations were used in subsequent experiments. When Met and Lys were top-dressed on diets fed to nonlactating cows, no changes in total tract N digestion were observed. No changes in microbial protein production or ruminal fermentation were observed. Adding Met and Lys did not change production or efficiency of production of milk or milk components by late lactation cows. These data indicate that providing supplemental Met and Lys during late lactation does not significantly improve the protein status of the cow and therefore may not improve milk production. © American Dairy Science Association, 2006.

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Journal of Dairy Science

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